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Supporting family financially through Poultry farming

Saraswati Pahari is a 23 years old resident of Panauti living with a family of four including her son, mother-in-law and husband. The family depended upon the income from the couple working as labors but the income was not consistent or enough to manage family expenses. The family had been struggling with financial crisis but her mother-in-law would not hand pension money for any family expenses. The family had 1 ropani of land and used to grow few vegetables for household use. 


“My husband works as a labor and sons goes to school and I have been working in poultry farm and earn independently to support family financially. I am learning more and more from each of my mistakes and have become more confident in my skills. I was able to get results of my hardwork in just 45 days. The trainings and health camp regarding livestock farming has helped support farmer without basic level of literacy to enhance their knowledge and skills. I have learnt a lot from attending programs conducted in library and want to attend more programs in future. I would like to thank the library and Practical Answers Service programs for providing opportunities to enhance knowledge to farmers in need to uplift their living standard.”

The Problem

She did not have proper knowledge/skills to get a job or join the age old traditional income source for the locals i.e. Beth-Bamboo craftsmanship. She and her husband were working as labors to support the family but were having hard time as the income was not persistent. They tried their luck in agriculture as well but had no luck as they had no knowledge of management of field and yield.

The Change

She got affiliated to library with Ganesh Practical Answers Service group during the formation of Practical Answers Service group in the library under Practical Answers Service programs. During her affiliation with the library, she was informed about selection of individuals for subsidy of Rs. 20000 from Chandol Agriculture cooperative without any interest. She also attended trainings regarding poultry farming from the government but wasnot able to grab any knowledge and was afraid to start farming of chicken. She got an opportunity to attend a 3 day poultry farming conducted in library in Ganesh PANs group and was able to get a lot of knowledge and skills required for the venture.

The Impact

She started with 200 chicks in ground floor of her house within 1 week of attending the training. Among which 40 of her chicken died but was able to make a profit of 25000. In her second time, she reared 250 chicks among which 50 died but still she was able to make a profit of 35000. Currently, she had 500 chicks but 150 of them died due to cold weather as it snowed the day chicks were delivered but she is confident that she would not bear any losses.

She is now able to manage the family expenses easily and has more confidence in herself.


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